Life or Death

American Papist has some excellent posts up.

One links to the US Bishops' response to Sen. Biden and his erroneous statements.
Another features a stirring video from CatholicVote.com about what's at stake.

Whispers meanwhile presents the full text of Bishop Slattery's homily in addition to general Bishop coverage. Here's a snippet:

If, as Sen. Biden believes, human life begins at conception, it is difficult to see how that view can be reconciled with the position that we, as a society, should legally allow individual persons to decide on their own if murder is wrong.

The modern day notion of “privacy” assumes that there is a neat division between the individual who makes a decision, and the rest of the human community. A “private” decision is one that is limited to the individual. However, in the case of abortion, this decision has implications not only for the mother, but also for the father, both of their immediate families, and, in fact, for all of our society. The mother and the father lose a child, the family a niece or nephew, or grandchild, and the rest of us, a companion in life. How we protect, or ignore, these smallest members of our human community defines who we are as human persons.

A democracy, in order to flourish, must attend to the defense of the values that are essential to the human community. Ignoring this hard work and simply relegating abortion to the sphere of individual choice allows a cancer to eat at our very core, as we permit some human persons to sacrifice the lives of others for their own personal reasons. As Catholics, we cannot accept the premise that in the name of “privacy” all choices are equally right.

What's at stake in this election is not higher gas prices. It's all of us and what it means to be human. Neither party has ignored Al Gore's clarion call to reduce carbon, so no worries there. Meanwhile, millions of children are murdered. MILLIONS. More than the Aryan definition of a human being managed to exclude, though most of them are black children. Abortion=racism=sexism=genocide=corruption=rape=suicide. Abortion bears no fruit, it is not thriving, it will not mean progress. It has no benefit for women and it takes the lives of innocent girls and boys.

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