Palin in comparison

The DNC didn't deliver anything as kick-ass as her speech.

I'm truly enamored.

If we accept that neither convention relied on facts (because they're politicians),
and either side employed clever rhetoric (because they have speechwriters),
and either side has done something to offend faithful Christians (because it's Caesar),
and both conventions had their side swooning (because it's a convention),

what remains?

Only one party recognizes that human life begins at conception. That's the sole difference. They're both for reducing dependency on foreign oil, they both anticipate bringing the troops home, and they both want change. Same agenda for America, one crucial difference. You'll still have to pay taxes, there will still be a DoD, and killing innocent children will be recognized as criminal. Both Administrations will be history-making, but only one has bent over and taken it from the abortion industry.

Or we could look at this another way:

Republicans will continue being immorally themselves.
Democrats will continue being immorally themselves.

But only one ticket will appoint Justices that uphold the Constitution.

Or to proceed once more:

No matter how much dirt is dug up, no matter what else they've done, the GOP is the only party willing to respect the sanctity of children in the womb. It's more appalling to hear Democrats claim moral high ground than it is to see Republicans get this one thing right.

The DNC's support of abortion voids the rest of their message, while the vacuous GOP defends the one truth that our government should never doubt: all humans have the right to life.

What's so appealin about Palin is that it's finally a feminist saying it. And not just any feminist: a mother of five! And not just any mother: a Governor!

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