Con-vert = "turn with"

This week's Carnival is about Conversion. "Our God is an Awesome God" proclaims the blogger hosting this week. We need to remind people of this fact in a time of financial panic, military sacrifice, and secular hedonism.

This is the gift of our Faith: it was given to us in order to share. People like Bill Maher may not like the gift we offer and may even reject it, but we're called to hand our gift to closed minds, closed hearts, and closed ears as well as open ones.

Pope John Paul I modeled for us how simple sharing this gift can be when he said, "We must feel small before God. I am not ashamed to feel like a child before his mother. One believes in one's mother; I believe in the Lord, in what he has revealed to me."

Let us faithfully turn with others towards the God who loves us no matter what else is going on. Let us help reveal more of God to those who do not have our Faith~

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