Nazis were so, like, boring

I think the pro-choicers have picked the wiser course. We're a pragmatic country. What disgusts most people about abortion as a political issue is that on that topic, unlike economics or foreign policy, nothing ever seems to be accomplished. It's the same damned debate, election after election, with each side trying to scare you about the other. If only it were more like economics, where you can actually have growth—or maybe like energy, where you can develop a new source or a new technology. If Obama can make abortion more like those issues and couple it with a record of material progress in the form of fewer procedures, he'll take much of the political heat out of it. He might even make it boring. Wouldn't that be great?
--William Saletan on Slate.com
No. Being content with fewer 'procedures' is like being content with fewer slaves. It wasn't enough that the number of slaveholders was reduced; slavery itself had to be outlawed. Fewer people at Auschwitz would not have been a moral victory.

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