How you look at it

Jimmy Akin notes, "A small comfort in this dire moment for our nation: According to early exit polls, it looks like churchgoing Catholics rejected Obama by a nearly ten-point margin."

He credits the 1/3 of Bishops who spoke out forcefully.

Yet...2/3 of the Bishops were content to do nothing.

Deacon reports some crowing from the liberal quarters of the priesthood, who claim that other moral evils were more proportionate than abortion: "while the candidate did not reject abortion, he supported most of the other Catholic positions on life, i.e. he condemned unjust wars, the death penalty, torture, kidnapping, cruelty to immigrants that his opponents implicitly support". While these reasons may have warranted indirect cooperation in a moral evil in some Catholic's eyes, the fact remains that they chose material cooperation in a moral evil in order to oust an Administration they hated. It was "material and indirect" but still material nonetheless. We should be ashamed.

When FOCA passes, will these priests be celebrating their choice?

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