What dreams may come

Several bloggers have posted a report of the conversion of Serbia's most nefarious abortion provider. Here's the best part:

In describing his conversion, Adasevic "dreamed about a beautiful field full of children and young people who were playing and laughing, from 4 to 24 years of age, but who ran away from him in fear. A man dressed in a black and white habit stared at him in silence. The dream was repeated each night and he would wake up in a cold sweat. One night he asked the man in black and white who he was. 'My name is Thomas Aquinas,' the man in his dream responded.

Adasevic, educated in communist schools, had never heard of the Dominican genius saint. He didn't recognize the name. "Why don't you ask me who these children are?" St. Thomas asked Adasevic in his dream.

"They are the ones you killed with your abortions," St. Thomas told him. "Adasevic awoke in amazement and decided not to perform any more abortions," the article stated.

I've never thought of St. Thomas Aquinas as a patron of unborn children. But look at the similarity between this conversion and Saul's visitation by Jesus. St.Paul went from executioner of Christians to evangelist of Christians in a single moment.

Dear God, please startle awake the abortionists to cognizance of their crime. Help them to see the Way of Mercy, the Way of Peace, the Way of Love~

St. Gianna, you gave your life so your child would live; pray for us!

St. Cyriacus, you were martyred as a child when your skull was crushed by an angry magistrate; pray for us!

St. Felicity, you watched each of your seven sons martyred and still you would not bow to the Emperor and recant your faith; pray for us!

and St. Thomas Aquinas, you erroneously believed that life begins forty days after conception and corrected the error of this doctor; pray for us!

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