Happy St. Nick's Day

I don't know where Julie found this image, but I love it!

I watched some asinine cartoon supposedly telling the story of how Santa Claus became Santa Claus, and I can't believe how awful it was. There was actually a moment when in an attempt to create plot conflict the Head Elf uttered the words, "Christmas Doomsday!"

They had Santa as some impoverished toymaker who lands on an island with his wife and is granted a wish by the elves: and voila! the magical man is born!

Why can't we just be amazed at the real story? A bishop spares children from a life of slavery.

What? That's not enough magic for ya? Consider how many children are currently enslaved or indentured around the world and tell me you don't wish a hero would come and rescue all of them. Tell me it wouldn't be amazing to find someone who secretly rescued girls from becoming sex slaves? That person would deserve a medal of honor-- and if that person was a Bishop? I'd be proud to call myself Catholic.

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