Family Matters?

Yes, says a CUA economist:

And though it cannot be the solution for every problem, Aguirre mentioned that the simple act of eating together as a family has an effect on the development of children.

According to a study done by the National Center on Substance and Addiction at Colombia University, when comparing adolescents who eat dinner 0-2 times a week with their families and those who eat dinner 5-7 times, those who eat with their families more frequently are 40% more like to talk to their parents about a problem. Meanwhile, 171% of the teens who don't eat with their families note more tension at home.

Academic performance went up 38%. Kids were 142% less likely to smoke, 93% less likely to drink, 191% less likely to use marijuana and 169% less likely to have more than half of their friends be drug users.

And predictably, a family composed of both parents is 3.5 times more likely to have dinner as a family than a single-parent household.


"The family is a necessary good for economic development," Aguirre concluded. "It should be promoted and protected if poverty reduction wants to be achieved."

I find fascinating the juxtapose between what's being said in Mexico City and what our President-Elect is about to render into law.

On the one side we have affirmation that having more children reduces poverty.

On the other side we have a man who firmly believes aborting children will reduce poverty.

Can the World Meeting of Families send their minutes to the desk of the Oval Office?

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