In two widely publicized events, after all the hailstorm of idiotic noise has died down, a single explanation comes to the forefront: it was their fault (pointing up).

The Legionnaires are apologizing to Regnum Christi members by faulting their superiors for not handling things better.

George Weigel and Sandro Magister are saying the Curia is responsible for bungling public relations in a sprinting media age, while the SSPX quietly moves Williamson to a corner.

But this sounds familiar, does it not?

Adam (pointing to Eve): "She did it."

Eve (pointing to the serpent): "The serpent made me do it."

God rebukes the serpent, surely, yet then God banishes Adam and Eve.

We need to recall this lesson: fingers should always point within.

The sprinting media age is not interested in giving anyone the benefit of the doubt. They are not ruled by well-intentioned people. Hence, while the media deserves a share of the blame for being whorish, gossipy, and erroneous--- they are not ultimately the problem. They will always be useful to the Great Deceiver.

We need to point within. We need to realize that we ourselves give in to temptation. We need to acknowledge once again how much we need God to do it for us, i.e. Christ.

We are all at fault when things go wrong. We always have been.

The good news, which we are called to preach prophetically and heroically in the face of Untruth and the tide of popular misinformation, is that the story doesn't end there. It points to the Cross.

He died so we could stop pointing fingers and start being real men and women again.

The media will never comprehend this, nor can we expect them to. But we can stop listening to noise and start listening to God speaking in our hearts.

***to quote Phil Lawler, "For myself, I've always found that when I have done my worst, and when I'm as disgusted with myself as the world is now disgusted with Williamson-- that's precisely when, through the action of grace, I am reminded that there is 'room in the Catholic Church' for me. A very specific room, in fact: a confessional."

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