Why Obama spells Hope

I've been reflecting on the euphoria over our nation's first non-white President.

For the fawning adulators, the election of Obama represents a culmination of a decades-long quest for racial harmony. People invested tremendous energy trying to make it possible for such an event to transpire.

I don't begrudge them their moment.

I simply fold my hands in prayer.

Because one day, another dream will be fulfilled. One day there will be an end to abortion.

Everyone's agreed: the election of Obama represents the end of white supremacy.

If such a dream, the fruit of abolitionists' prayers, the fruit of the civil rights movement, and the fruit of tireless indoctrination in schools--

--if such a dream can come true for the Anti-Abortion Abolitionists with as orgasmic a denouement as it has for the Anti-Slavery Abolitionists, then the former are in for a real treat one day.

I hope I can be counted among the sated crowds.

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