Be it done unto me too

Today, March 25, is exactly nine months before the
celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Some
Christian churches recognize today as the Feast of the
Annunciation -- the revelation to Mary by the angel
Gabriel that she would conceive a child who would be
the Son of God.

On this special day, let's give thanks for Mary's
response to the angel when she learned about her
unexpected pregnancy: "I am the Lord's servant," Mary
answered. "May it be to me as you have said."

--Sean Carney, 40 Days for Life

Today is the day when the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.

Not Christmas, but today, when Jesus was conceived.

Mary, so imbued with the Spirit, so pure of heart, was ready to welcome the Lord more fully than anyone before or since. She was the most ardent pupil of the Word and the most yielding to the penetration of God.

We are called to do likewise. We are called to allow God to pierce us, to allow seeds to fall on us and be planted deep within, to experience a springtime vigor we never dreamed possible.

Start with the Psalms. Read one each day. Read a paragraph at lunch. Encounter the Word. Allow it to be made flesh and realized in the way you live your life for Jesus. Here's a starter:

Psalm 40 could have been written by Our Lady.

I waited, I waited for the Lord
and he stooped down to me;
he heard my cry.

He put a new song into my mouth,
praise of our God.
Many shall see and fear
and shall trust in the Lord.

How many, O Lord my God,
are the wonders and designs
that you have worked for us;
you have no equal.
Should I proclaim and speak of them,
they are more than I can tell!

You do not ask for sacrifice and offerings,
but an open ear.
You do not ask for holocaust and victim.
Instead, here am I.

In the scroll of the book it stands written
that I should do your will.
My God, I delight in your law
in the depth of my heart.

Would that we could have an ounce of Mary's fidelity and pure obedience!

God simply asks this of us: an open ear. Obedience comes from the Latin meaning to listen.

Listen. Quiet. Open.

You know the best place for that kind of encounter? In front of the Blessed Sacrament with your Bible. Read the Word. Ponder the Word. Immerse yourself in the Word.

Or pray the Scriptural Rosary. One verse with each bead.

God will direct your thoughts in time. God will touch your heart and so much more.

Let Him do with you as He pleases.

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