Be it done unto me

During its upcoming review of communities of women religious, the Holy See will inquire about their fidelity to each of three doctrinal statements: Ordinatio Sacerdotalis (On reserving priestly ordination to men alone), Dominus Iesus (On the Salvific Universality of the Catholic Church), and the CDF's clarifications in 1986 about homosexuality being a strong tendency ordered toward an intrinsic moral evil, and therefore a gravely disordered inclination.

Perhaps we should welcome this opportunity to inquire of ourselves,
"Am I, like Mary, a faithful handmaid of the Lord?

...do I respect the Church's teaching?

...do I strive to embrace the Lord's will for my life?

...am I happy to share my Catholic beliefs with others?

...do I invite non-Catholics to consider Catholicism? Do I evangelize?

...do I pray for my friends who experience same-sex attraction?

...do I correct misperceptions about Catholic teachings?

...do I live out my faith in my words and actions?

...have I begun to live out my vocation to the fullest?

...do I invite mature young men to consider the priesthood?

...have I raised my children to be open to religious life as well as marriage?

...have I modeled a happy marriage for my children?

...do I neglect my spouse's needs? Do I communicate honestly and lovingly?

...do I seek after that which the Lord forbids? Do I rebel?

...do I neglect to shoulder the Cross? Do I find such a notion passe/distasteful?

...have I maintained chaste custody of eyes, my thoughts, my daydreams?

...am I hesitant to identify myself as Catholic?

...do I yield to fantasies about others? Do I then, also, masturbate?

...do I accept or promote opinions that contradict the teachings of the Church?

...have I viewed media that objectifies the human body?

...do I acknowledge, first, the Christ in people whom I find attractive?

...do I pray? Have I permitted the Lord to enter my heart?

...do I pray for my bishop, expectant mothers, and newlyweds?

...am I grateful to the Lord, and how often do I tell Him?

...do I trust the Lord?

These are all questions men and women religious must be asking themselves. These are questions, which- when answered with the guidance of the Holy Spirit- will bear fruit in due season. If we read these documents, if we inform our conscience, if we consult scripture, if we develop an open, trusting relationship with Jesus, if we truly listen to the Church...we will experience the blessing of God's amorous affection. We will be drawn more deeply into communion with the Lord. We will know the Cross and Resurrection. We will be bathed in mercy and a tenderness indescribable. We will be heard, affirmed, and inspired to give ourselves even more intimately and deeply to Jesus.

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