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Seattle's Jesuit University is hosting a forum on reproductive justice.

What's reproductive justice, you might ask?

“…The decisions we make about our reproductive and sexual lives, but most especially, the decision to have a child, are among the most important decisions that we, as human beings, can make. Having a child is a precious responsibility that changes our lives forever. The privileged in this world, for the most part, have unfettered access to the reproductive health and education services to decide for themselves when and whether to bear or raise a child. The poor and disadvantaged do not. Thus, the struggle for reproductive justice is inextricably bound up with the effort to secure a more just society. Accordingly, those who would labor to achieve economic and social justice are called upon to join in the effort to achieve reproductive justice and, thereby, help realize the sacred vision of a truly just society for all.”
- Clergymen for Reproductive Justice

“Reproductive justice is the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, social, and economic well-being of women and girls, based on the full achievement and protection of women’s human rights.”
- Loretta Ross

I placed in bold the part of that definition that rings some bells. Ensuring that the poor and disadvantaged have access to abortion is code word for: "Margaret Sanger would prefer that black people stopped having children".

It's intriguing that pro-abortionists are now co-opting the language of justice and human rights. It must mean that the New Abolitionists are getting the word out that this is a civil rights and human rights issue.

It's also rather sickening that they can use those same words and so mortally betray their meaning. To want to realize the sacred vision of a just society for all in one breath and deny that justice to a particular segment of society in the next breath is truly...breathtakingly...evil.

How do they do it? By suppressing the human rights of the child in favor of a definition of womanhood that is neither achievement nor protection for women. Women are not achieving the fullest sense of themselves when they are chemically altering their reproductive organs and figuratively dissecting the uterus from their vision of themselves. They are not protecting themselves when abortion poses such a high risk of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual scarring.

Deliver us Lord from every evil; grant us peace in our day~

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