Today was a wonderful day.

I adored my wife in the Eucharist, celebrated a Baptism, and visited a young man with Autism in whose life I am making a difference.

What a gift to know God as intimately as we do in the Mass!

The deacon today spelled out the meaning of Adoration.

Adore Jesus
Deepen your prayer
Order your life
Respond to God's will
Accept the Cross
Thank Him
Invest in your faith
Open your heart
Never cease

Just as God gave manna in the desert, so too we have our food for the journey home. We're asked to make Jesus present in the way we conduct ourselves. All the time we can be doing more to adore Jesus daily.

When we unite ourselves to Christ in the sacrament, we learn more about Him. The more we know Him, the more readily we recognize Him in our midst. The more we recognize Him, the more familiar He becomes. The more familiar he becomes, the more we are wooed by Him. The more we are wooed by Him, the more we yield to Him. The more we yield to Him, the more we love Him. The more we love Him, the more we desire what He desires. The more we desire what He desires, the more we become like Him.

How sweet to know the Lord, to desire Him, to yearn for His kiss in the Eucharist!

It is appropriate to remember in this regard the different meanings of the word "adoration" in the Greek and Latin languages. The Greek word prosk├Żnesis means the act of submission, the recognition of God as our true measure and by whose law we agree to abide.

The Latin word adoratio, on the other hand, denotes the physical contact — the kiss, the embrace — which is implicit in the idea of love. The aspect of submission foresees a relationship of union because the one to whom we submit is Love. Indeed, in the Eucharist, worship must become union: union with the living Lord and then with his Mystical Body.

--His Loveliness Papst Benedikt

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