"Get over yourselves"

One of Mark Shea's better articles. It was prompted by the movie Avatar, but he's mostly waxing on about the failure of secularism to comprehend itself. Here's a gemstone quote:

The modern notion that Christianity is somehow to blame for slavery or the
failure to grasp universal human dignity is like complaining that modern
medicine, because it has not conquered cancer, is somehow to blame for it. It's
an astonishingly myopic and ungrateful approach to the only thing that has ever
dealt slavery a blow. And that blow was empowered by nothing other than the
purely mystical and aggressively evangelistic teaching that all human beings
have equal dignity in the sight of God. Get rid of the dogma, and you will
surely get rid of human equality with it.

Read the rest of his rant about the inescapability of the Gospel in Hollywood and elsewhere, especially his take on Moses the Preppy Savior.

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