Catching up on all the blogs after Easter, it seems the media attack on the Pope is all anyone can think about right now.

What we can glean from our Lenten journey is that we are each and very one of us corporately responsible for what has happened in these scandals. There is no fingerpointing necessary. There is only Christ's admonition: "Go and sin no more."

The desire to stone those who violate our belief in the inherent dignity of all persons is understandable and misguided. That's not the example Christ set for those who belong to the Church he founded in Himself. Christ's example was to redeem, to confront us with our own human dignity in the face of our own diminution of it.

We all sin. Not a single Christian among us is worthy to cast the first stone. Let's put aside stones this Easter. Let's corporately hold each other accountable to our baptismal vocation to be virtuous and free, the opposite of the culture which hates Christ and all who claim Him.

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