Rapid developments

The Vatican is exuberantly entering the digital age, with its frontier for the New Evangelization.

OSV Daily Take
has some great updates from the worldwide Catholic bloggers convention. There I learned about the forthcoming website News.va and what it will look like. How exciting!

The Anchoress has some photos of Rocco, if you've ever wondered what this mysterious masked Whispering superhero looks like ( I say 'hero' because I'd never have been able to read as many homilies of Dear Papst if it weren't for his tireless postings). Go and send him a donation if you can afford it.

If the Vatican were really keen on maximizing the possibilities in this new medium, they'd hire Rocco and Thomas Peters, and then it would be like Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point.

Wouldn't that be something!


Reluctant Sinner has some great photos and excellent on-the-ground reports of the event.

Here's a thoughtful report from across the Pond.

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