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The Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization has met for the first time.

Whispers has the scoop, and there I found a link to Abp. Dolan's blog, The Gospel in the Digital Age.

The brilliant President of the USCCB offered this bit of clarification let's hope the MSM takes note of (and of course they won't because they hate Truth):

"Keep in mind that the study released today is a report to the bishops of the United States, not from them. The sexual abuse of minors is a tragedy that affects every family, religion, school, organization, institution, and profession in our society. The Catholic Church in the United States has been noted as the first group anywhere to contract a professional agency – in this case, the John Jay College here in New York City – to examine the 'causes and contexts' of this scourge.

I start with this fact because some of the early reaction has already – no surprise here – criticized the bishops for the conclusions of the study! Once again, they are not our conclusions at all, but those of an acclaimed academic institution specializing in this sensitive area."

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