Two Hearts

Bishop Etienne has a profound insight into marriage from today's feast:

One other interesting lesson for today’s culture has to do with Mary as the Spouse of St. Joseph. Even though God in his mystery and providence chose to allow Mary to conceive the Son of God without the benefit of “man”, God none-the-less wanted Jesus to be raised in the full context of a human family. Thus, Joseph was given to both Mary and Jesus to complete this vital link in the context of human formation and love. Through Mary, God’s plan for marriage and family are made clear.

After the disheartening turn of events in New York, this is a helpful dose of Truth, that God desired his Son to be raised by a husband and a wife, even when it wasn't of biological necessity. Nothing can supplant the love of one man and one woman. Through the interecession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, may our nation once again discover this fact of human nature.

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