I call it 'evil'

Two recent blogposts have used the term 'blithe' to describe the attitude of some powers-that-be towards abortion and euthanasia.

HLI America used it in this sentence, "Those who have closely followed research in the area of breast cancer must be stunned by NARAL’s blithe dismissal of a huge and growing body of evidence, based on a single, highly controversial report."

While Barbara Kay of MercatorNet used it in the title of her post about euthanasia, "Blithely down the slippery slope" wherein we learn that, "In 2010 Oxford bioethicist Julian Savulescu coauthored a paper in Bioethics arguing that some individuals could be euthanized 'at least partly to ensure that their organs could be donated.' "

'Blithe' conjures images of a middle-aged and elegant actress casually placing her hair behind her ear and laughing gently about some bemusing notion. Blithe is breezy, gladsome, and carefree.

Yet, that belies what's really going on here. NARAL very much cares about a certain outcome, and they are committed vociferously to its pursuit. Julian Savulescu is not a breezy, flighty nymph spreading mischief in the field of bioethics. He is the cooperative agent of a moral evil so calculated, even Dr. Mengele's experiments seem like child's play by comparison.

Call it like it is, folks. It ain't 'blithe'.

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