I got the blues

This article may have been addressed to stay-at-home moms, but I found it a nice boost, as it applies equally well to stay-at-home-dads.

All you have to do is switch the words:

"Hey, [dada]!

Yes, you with the baby in your arms…

I see you, out there, sitting at your table, your desk, or your kitchen island, and I notice you are a little discouraged. You switched on the computer a few minutes ago to check your mail and a couple websites, the most exciting contact you’ll have with the outside world today, in between your hourly dates with your almost-potty-trained toddler in the bathroom and picking up Cheerios off the floor of the kitchen for the umpteenth time. You are disheartened, tired.  Maybe you passed a mirror earlier today and thought to yourself, Where is that super-trim figure I had in college? Didn’t my step used to have a little more bounce? Why am I doing this?

You love your family with ferocity but you are just running out of steam. Your [wife] is working hard to allow you this privilege of staying home with your children, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like a privilege. You may even feel like it would be easier to get an outside job.

You may feel that you do the same thing over and over, and the days blur together. You have always held that [parents] should be present in the home during a child’s early years. You believed it with all your heart the day you got married and you believe it now. You want to be the best [dad] you can be, but somehow that rings a little hollow at the moment, as you break up a tussle between two preschoolers, quickly throw in some laundry and get back in the room with the little ones before someone gets hurt. Is this how it is supposed to go? You ask. You wonder."

read the rest of it and get inspired. 

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