Lamb's Supper

Heaven is described as wedding feast and that just thrills me for I've always loved wedding receptions. You see people you haven't seen in ages. You reminisce with family members or friends that you grew up with who left for other destinations as adults, only to have years go by before seeing them again. A wedding reception is  a family reunion. It was so apropos for our Lord to begin his ministry at the wedding in Cana and to make sure the wine kept flowing. The final wedding between Christ and His bride, the Church, will come at the end of time. I don't know if there will be any need for food or a shared meal after our resurrection, but seeing the importance of a meal throughout scripture, I suspect there might be, especially if heaven is described as a wedding feast. If there is to be a final wedding with Christ and His bride, then there has to be a reception afterward, for what is a wedding without a reception? That is one meal I do not want to miss. I've been practicing for this wedding feast all my life.

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