Audacity and Hope

What would Obama do if millions of Catholics, Jews, and Evangelicals practiced civil disobedience against Obamacare? It might shock him enough to sign a law from Congress rescinding the order. Then again, he might, if he escapes into the safety of a second term, dig in. He made sure to delay the order's binding effect until after the November election.

Obama's cynicism is impressive. He could have selected open pagans as his agents of anti-Catholic destruction. Instead, he found Catholics like Kathleen Sebelius and Joe Biden to do the dirty work. That's a nice touch. And let's not forget that these Catholics have received the blessing of Cardinal Mahony and his friends. Recall the petition signed by Catholic academics defending Sebelius during her confirmation hearings; recall Cardinal Mahony's invocation at the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles to which a young and rising Obama traveled.

Mitt Romney, by the way, is no guaranteed savior in this scenario. Proof of his pro-life ambivalence is that after his supposed conservative conversion he supported a law in the Bay State that bullied Catholic hospitals into giving rape victims abortifacients. He, too, supported the secularist monopoly over public life -- a monopoly that, until it is busted by civil disobedience and a deep change in the culture, will make assaults on religious freedom unceasing and inevitable.

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Obama certainly does have audacity. I am not without hope however.

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Kt said...

Your outrage about this mandate seems solely directed at Obama, and perhaps justly so, but is going after the sinner and not the sin the right reaction here? I've been reading elsewhere a "throw da bum out" mentality. For what alternative? Surely not Romney. Wouldn't it be better in this situation to focus aggression at the bill and not the Prez?

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