Pray & Fast

I normally provide a list of Lenten links, such as the page at Catholic Culture.

But I can't imagine any list being more complete than the Lent 2012 mega-post at Aggie Catholics.

There you will find every resource conceivable that pertains to Lent.

For the next 40 Days, I will be posting at Scouring of the Shire, a blog devoted to the prayer vigil at 1625 Opdyke, where Planned Parenthood is set to build the largest abortion facility in the state of Michigan. I am vigil coordinator, and I hope you will join me in praying that this building will not go up and its doors will never open for business. Thousands of children will perish there and the nearby public schools will be infiltrated by Planned Parenthood's corrosive, misleading, and sexually explicit curriculum.

Peace begins in the womb, and I pray the Prince of Peace, who was crowned with thorns, will reign in your hearts this holy season, that his mercy will pour out upon those who choose to end human life at its most vulnerable, and for healing to come to our society as Christ builds up a Culture of LIFE.

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