I've come to the realization that it isn't so much about liberal Catholicism vs. conservative as it is about those Catholics who are doctrinated or convicted and those who are not. LWCR President Pat Farrell simply does not understand or possess actual Catholic doctrine. She has fabricated some form of belief that no longer resembles the faith of someone who has obediently subordinated her entire self to Jesus.

Meanwhile, Joan Chittister has come to some realizations of her own:

“It is only recently that I’ve come to the point where I can say that the function of a Religious is to be religious, not necessarily to be canonical.”

These women themselves keep making the case for the CDF assessment.

UPDATE: Ross Douthat seems to affirm my realization when he says, " Looking at the decline and dissolution of self-consciously progressive denominations, churches and religious orders over the last two generations, one possible conclusion is that their central problem has been a deficit of real, genuine belief, and that only a reaffirmation of historical Christian practice and conviction can restore liberal Christianity’s vitality."

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