And the God who sees you in secret

"As we look around in our own world day by day, we may not find many who know that God is the Reason for being.  We may not live surrounded by others praising Him.

In this world where Jesus is not loved (for the most part), adored, thanked, glorified - we can be His praisers.

Think of it!

It's possible that in the office where you work, or in a grocery line, or in a dentist's waiting room, YOU could be the only person praying at any given time.  To think of this one thing has been a revolutionary idea for me. 

I can adore Our Lord wherever I may be!  I can sing to Him inwardly.  I can love Him in the cloister of my heart, in the very midst of a world where He is not loved. 

I may not go to a chapel in late morning.  But in the midst of daily duties, I can offer praise."

-from the Cloistered Heart

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