Pray for our President

At this point, the most pro-abortion executive in history almost certainly will be re-elected.

Why? Because people care more about their liberty than about children in the womb, whether that liberty pertains to feminism, immigration, or the economy. It's the whole reason we have legalized abortion- people care about their sexual freedom more than their human dignity.

The same could be said for redefining marriage: sex trumps dignity.

If we truly value human dignity, then we ought to be praying for the soul of our President, for conversion of his heart, for fear of God to come to him particularly. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. Let us pray our Executive in Chief becomes wise. May he come to value and respect all human life!

May we as a society learn to treasure the nuptial meaning of the human body and the rights of children who deserve the stability and protection of a mother and father. Being pro-life doesn't end at birth; it continues in the way we honor and glorify God in our use of our bodies.

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Nancy Shuman said...

A striking way to put a sad reality: "sex trumps dignity." May God give us strength.

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