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the pope, while addressing the International Theoligical Commission said the following:

Today, however, it is particularly important to clarify the criteria used to distinguish the authentic sensus fidelium from its counterfeits. In fact, it is not some kind of public opinion of the Church, and it is unthinkable to mention it in order to challenge the teachings of the Magisterium, this because the sensus fidei can not grow authentically in the believer except to the extent in which he or she fully participates in the life of the Church, and this requires a responsible adherence to her Magisterium.
So two points: 1) Sensus fidelium cannot be seen as a corrective force against the clear, unequivocal, ancient teaching of the Magisterium; 2) The sensus fidelium arises from those baptized who are also faithful to the Magisterium.

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