Patron Saint for 2013

Chosen for me as patron this year is St. Vincent Ferrer, who preached penance, worked miracles, and did so much for the upbuilding of the Church that he has become patron saint of bricklayers, tilers, plumbers, construction workers and such.

His feast is April 5.

"Let us suppose that you are interiorly led by some revelation or feeling, whatever it may be, to enter upon an important undertaking in which you have had no experience, and that you are uncertain as to whether or not it is pleasing to God; on the contrary, you have good reason for doubting it; in that case, take time to examine the act, weigh well all its circumstances; above all, see what its end is, in order to discover if it be agreeable to God. I do not, however, say that you may judge of it yourself; but apply to it, as far as is possible, the rules that are given to Christians in the Holy Scriptures, and in the lives of the saints whom you can imitate. I say, whom you can Imitate; for, according to the opinion of St. Gregory, there are saints some of whose examples should not be imitated, although they were good in relation to them, and which we must regard with respect and veneration. But, if you are unable of yourself to discover whether or not the thing you desire is pleasing to God, consult persons of approved learning and piety, who cannot be doubted; their advice will enable you to discover the truth."
-from his Treatise

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