Weigel's ten points

  1. Evangelical Catholicism is friendship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. Evangelical Catholicism affirms divine revelation and embraces its authority, which continues through history in the teaching authority of the Church.
  3. Evangelical Catholicism celebrates the seven sacraments as divinely given means of sanctifying life.
  4. Evangelical Catholicism is a call to constant conversion of life, which involves both the rejection of evil and active participation in the works of service and charity.
  5. Evangelical Catholicism is a liturgically centered form of Catholic life that embraces both the ancient traditions of Catholic worship and the authentic renewal of the liturgy according to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council.
  6. Evangelical Catholicism is a biblically centered form of Catholic life that reads the Bible as the Word of God for the salvation of souls.
  7. Evangelical Catholicism is a hierarchically ordered Catholicism in which a variety of vocations are respected.
  8. Evangelical Catholicism is both culture-forming and countercultural.
  9. Evangelical Catholicism enters the public square with the voice of reason, grounded in gospel conviction.
  10. Evangelical Catholicism awaits with eager anticipation the coming of the Lord Jesus in glory, and until that time, Evangelical Catholicism is ordered to mission—to the proclamation of the Gospel for the world’s salvation.
according to CatholicCulture

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