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"The promise of freedom from sin is not a promise that is of this world; it is an eschatological promise, a hope whose realization may not come until the suffering soul in purgatory is finally healed." -Melinda Selmys

"To summarize, raising kids is difficult because they are selfish, loud, always right in their own minds, needy, and thankless; parenting these little beings requires heroic effort and selflessness from we adults. It’s hard not to see the parallels between this and the relationship between us and God. Am I less selfish, thankless, and self-righteous than my four-year-old in terms of my relationship with God? Hardly. And yet God, Abba, parents me with none of the exasperation and all of the mercy that I fail to exhibit." -Tim Shaughnessy

"Raising children is not easy, especially when parents do not reflect the love of God in the home and in their relationships with others. Children observe their parents and learn. So we need to be sure that we are okay with what we are teaching our children… indeed, that we even know what we teach our children.

We have no guarantee that our children will turn out to be adults who embrace and follow the higher virtues of integrity, compassion, kindness and honor. We have no guarantee that they will cherish the virtues of faith, hope and charity.  But, we can be certain that they have the best opportunity to grow in the Lord when we teach them well how to live in Christ… when we reflect God’s justice and mercy in how we treat them… when they see the love and forgiveness of God lived out in the home." -Deacon Bickerstaff

"Love calls for profound self-sacrifice worked out in small details. Sometimes this will require heroism. The newspapers like to run feel-good stories about spouses donating organs for one another, and my love and yours may require such extreme forms of heroism someday. But most of the time profound self-sacrifice is more low-key.Sometimes we'll have to stay up all night with a crying baby and then get dressed and put on a happy face for work the next day. Sometimes the greatest sacrifice will be to change the diaper as soon as we're asked — or better, before anyone else has noticed that it needs changing. Sometimes the greatest sacrifice of all will be to arrive home at the end of the day wearing a smile — just because we know that a smile will make the house and the evening much brighter than the weary expression that more accurately reflects our day. We want our first thoughts to be for our spouse rather than for ourselves."-Mike Aquilina

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