Words outta my mouth

John Allen confirms what I have been saying since Pope Francis stepped out on the loggia:

The one-word interpretive key to Francis' news conference and arguably to his entire papacy to date: "mercy."
You would think that the title of Pope of Mercy should go to JPII, but that's not true. Francis names it in his papal motto, it's in nearly every address he's given, and it describes his whole approach to people.

Zenit has made available the entire English translation of that news conference on the flight home from Brazil, and I encourage you to let it speak to your heart. Don't let the mainstream media take his words out of context- let the man speak for himself, and then find yourself growing even deeper in your regard and respect for his plainspoken common sense. I can't help but shake my head and think aloud "he's such a Jesuit" as I read his responses to the press- so pragmatic, so no-nonsense, so eminently reasonable and without pretension.

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