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"To have a child is to embrace a future you can't control."
Tom French, RadioLab

I think that's the thing I try to convey to couples during marriage prep: you are not in control, and you never were. But it's true in all of life. If they don't get it while planning their wedding, they may get it during childrearing. And if they don't get it then, maybe they'll get it in order to save their marriage. And if they don't get it by then, maybe they'll get it when they die.

And then it'll be too late.

Couples, don't try to control your fertility. Your marriage will be better off.

Parents, stop trying to control your children's teachers. Your children will be better off.

Spouses, you can't control what your spouse will do with your heart. That's what love means.

People, let go and let God. God knows what's best for you. He always has.

[h/t Julie]

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sunnyamylynn said...

Ditto..so true.

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