Human Sacrifices

I've been reading the Book of Maccabees with my wife during our evening devotional.

I was startled therefore to read this emphatic testimony from our Holy Father about the passages I, for my part, have been consuming rather nonchalantly, as reported by L'Osservatore Romano:

 We would do well to think about what happened in the Book of Maccabees, he continued, about what happened step by step, before we decide to follow an “adolescent progressivism” and go along with what everyone is doing. We would also do well, he said, to ponder the consequences of their infidelity, to think about the “death sentences, the human sacrifices” which followed thereafter. He then asked those present: “Do you think there are no human sacrifices today? There are many, many of them. And there are laws that protect them”.

Wow. Pope Francis has just thrown down the gauntlet--

 'consequences of infidelity' ?

'adolescent progressivism' ??

'laws that protect' ???

Boo. Yah.

[I tip my hat to Catholic Culture for bringing this article to my attention. They are in need of financial support, so if you can donate to their cause, they would be most appreciative.]

Also- I'm pretty sure this won't get much press. They have their own ideas about who should be riding the bus.

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