Betty Duffy on Kinship

We can entrust ourselves to Mary because Jesus entrusted himself to her first. Christ passed through Mary as he entered this world, and he received Mary’s blood, and hers alone, in the womb. So the blood Christ shed on the Cross was also, in some derivative, also her blood.

Blood is a mysterious language, but seeing how clearly it speaks in my own life, makes it easier to acknowledge Mary’s role in salvation. Her motherhood is most certainly a gift Christ wants us to receive. Passing through her in prayer is a way of sharing in Christ’s incarnation, and in receiving Christ’s sacrifice, the cup of his blood in the Eucharist, we also receive the safe haven of his mother’s womb.

The word kinship is used to connote a connection both by blood and by character or affinity. In receiving Christ’s blood and the motherhood of Mary, we also receive kinship with one another in the Body of Christ.

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