Merciful priests

"The priest is called to learn this, to have a heart that is moved. 'Ascetic ' priests do not help the Church. We can think of the Church today as a 'field hospital', excuse me for saying this, but it's the way I see it so, I feel it, we need to heal wounds. There are many wounded people, wounded by material problems, scandals, even in the Church ... people wounded by the world's illusions... We priests need to be there, close to these people. Mercy means first of all healing wounds . When one is wounded, one immediately needs this, not analysis: we can seek specialist care later, but first you have to treat open wounds. For me, it is most important at this time, there are people who become distant so as not to reveal their wounds. I am reminded of how under Mosaic law, the lepers were distanced. People who distance themselves, ashamed, not to show their wounds, the move away, their face turned, against the Church , they want a caress, I ask you, dear brethren, do you know the wounds of your parishioners ? Are you close to them?". -The Pope of Mercy

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