Tough it out

People are still encouraged “to give up something” for Lent as a sacrifice. (An interesting note is that technically on Sundays and other solemnities like St. Joseph’s Day [March 19] and the Annunciation [March 25], one is exempt and may partake of whatever has been offered up for Lent. Nevertheless, concerning the Sunday exemption, I was always taught, “If you gave something up for the Lord, tough it out. Don’t act like a Pharisee looking for a loophole.”) Moreover, an emphasis must be placed on performing spiritual works, like attending the Stations of the Cross, attending daily Mass, making a weekly holy hour before the Blessed Sacrament, taking time for personal prayer and spiritual reading, and most especially making a good confession and receiving sacramental absolution.
Fr. Saunders doesn't think you should eat desserts on Sundays either.

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