I can't wait to prove this true

My concern is that the Planned Parenthood 'catholics' are going to read this as a vindication rather than the veiled indictment it actually is:

Pope Francis then went on to describe how the theology of the Pharisees “becomes a slave to this pattern, this pattern of thought: a narrow line of thought,” and observed that “there is no possibility of dialogue.”

Continuing, he emphasized that with this mentality “there is no possibility to open up to new things which God brings with the prophets,” stating that “they killed the prophets, these people; they close the door to the promise of God [read 'close the door to the promise' as 'contra-cept'].”

“When this phenomenon of narrow thinking enters human history, how many misfortunes,” he lamented, adding that “we all saw in the last century, the dictatorships of narrow thought, which ended up killing a lot of people [including the 50 million in the womb]...when they believed they were the overlords, no other form of thought was allowed [which is why they think all women want abortion to be legal]. This is the way they think.”

Explaining how even now people foster this idolatry of “a narrow line of thought,” Pope Francis emphasized that “today we have to think in this way and if you do not think in this way, you are not modern, you're not open or worse [you're not a real feminist].”

“Often rulers say: ‘I have asked for aid, financial support for this,’ ‘But if you want this help, you have to think in this way and you have to pass this law, and this other law and this other law,” [referring to the fact that we require developing countries to legalize abortion before we supply aid] he expressed, noting that type of dictatorship “is the same as these people.”

“It takes up stones to stone the freedom of the people, the freedom of the people, their freedom of conscience [see- they're totally going to think he's on their side], the relationship of the people with God. Today Jesus is Crucified once again [instead of seeing this statement as the indictment of legalized abortion referred to in the third paragraph that it so majorly is].”


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