Sabbath rest

Rise . . . and walk: According to Jewish tradition, medical attention could be given on the Sabbath only when someone's life was in danger. The boldness of Jesus in neglecting this convention reflects his own theological stance that giving rest to suffering souls, whether or not they are on the brink of death, fulfills the true intent of the Sabbath.

Read John 5:1-18 for the whole passage.

I love having Gospels-in-a-year sent to my inbox for insights like the one above. Ask yourself, how often do you live the true intention of the Sabbath? How often do you give rest to suffering souls on a Sabbath day?

We went to visit my grandma in the nursing home, three generations showing tender care to a matriarch. Her prognosis is bleak, yet she is strong. We spoon-fed her some food from the dinner tray, held a straw to her lips, and wiped her lips with a napkin. Being Saturday after 5pm, we were indeed fulfilling this expectation from the Gospel, to care for someone on the Sabbath.

I think we have forgotten, in a culture of death, to truly honor the mortality of our bodies, to be tender unto the last breath. Safeguarding the dignity of another is truly good for the soul. Jesus understood this and asks us to respond accordingly.

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