St. John the Baptist, pray for us

How curious it is to read Pia de Solenni's article about James Foley on the memorial of the beheading of St. John the Baptist. There will be countless white-robed martyrs in heaven. Most of them will come from our own century.

I found this at CatholicCulture:

Excerpted from The Church's Year of Grace, Pius Parsch:
There is no doubt that blessed John suffered imprisonment and chains as a witness to our Redeemer, whose forerunner he was, and gave his life for him. His persecutor had demanded not that he should deny Christ, but only that he should keep silent about the truth. Nevertheless, he died for Christ. Does Christ not say: "I am the truth"? Therefore, because John shed his blood for the truth, he surely died for Christ.
Was James Foley beheaded so that he should keep silent about the truth?

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