The shocked and despondent pundits last night were trying to make sense of what just happened, and they tossed around the word referendum. Is this a referendum on race? Obama? They weren't sure, but I wonder...considering that it was white, non-educated males who carried Trump to victory...

...was this a referendum on the form of feminism that Secretary Clinton represents? Hers was a feminism that largely ignores the contribution of working-class men, or seeks to denigrate it, as she so visibly did throughout her campaign, while the media establishment blatantly egged her on.

If they were the silent demographic, what does that say about the past decades?

Whereas the form of feminism exemplified by Ivanka Trump is one that recognizes the contribution of homemakers as equal in dignity to career moms, the form of feminism that grieves Clinton's loss denied the dignity of women, the dignity of motherhood, the dignity of sexuality, the dignity of marriage, and the dignity of unborn children...

...AND the dignity of hard-working men.

I truly believe we will have a female president, but she will be a woman of dignity, and not a career criminal who loathes children in the womb and the families who honor the womb as sacred.

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