Showing his cards

So, based on this exchange, is Pope Francis just a poorly formed theology student? Did he not read the correct textbooks? Did he fail to listen during the pontificates that preceded him? Will his pontificate be the last dying gasp of the "Spirit of Vatican II" or the beginning of the malformation of a whole new generation of poorly formed theologians?

“The way of understanding the faith today, after Vatican II, is different than the way of understanding the faith before Vatican II,” said Francis. “Because there was a development of understanding.”
The awareness of faith, the pope said, “grows with the years.”
“It is in continual growth,” he said. “Not change. It grows. It gets wider with time. It is understood better.”
“If I see that this, what we think now, is in connection with revelation, good,” said Francis. “But if it is a strange thing that is not according to revelation … it doesn’t work.”
“In the case of the diaconate, we have to see what was there at the beginning of revelation,” said the pope. “If there was something, let it grow, let it live. If there was not something … it doesn’t work.”
“We cannot go beyond revelation and dogmatic expressions,” he said. “We are Catholics. If someone wants to make another church, they are free to do so.”

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