My Five Things Meme (4)

The original Five Things Meme was posted on St. Patrick's Day of this year. Then the guy who wrote that meme transferred it to his All Too Flat blog on April 6 and refashioned it as "the Caesar's Bath Meme" perhaps in a bid to make it more eye-catching.

Well, it worked. I have no idea what circles it has found its way into now, given that people passed the baton to more than one blogger at a time. That would be like tracing the genealogy of distant cousins. I managed to chart its progress from CrazyLand into the Catholic Blogosphere to the doorstep of CatholicLand.

And now I return the meme to its original state: here are my 5 Things!
or, to quote the original:

Courtesy of my own bad self, here are five things that are very popular among my circle of friends but that I don't really see the fuss about. Or in the words of Caesar, "Nice. Nice. Not thrilling...but nice."
1. Dueling Piano Bars (popular among my circle of friends)
2. Tridentine Mass instead of the Novus Ordo (popular among the bloggers I've read)
3. Marian Apparitions (popular at the Catholic bookstore I just discovered; very kitschy)
4. Christian Rock (I can handle some Praise music, but this just gets cheezy)
5. Napolean Dynamite & Hitchhiker (more storylines without a point, plot, or purpose; all they do is make me loathe Postmodernism moreso than before)

And now I bequeath this meme to one of my first guests from the Catholic Blogosphere, Half-Baked Taters.

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