St. Jeanne D'Arc, pray for us!

I become a Godfather today!!! Her name is Hayley Jean, so I invoke the intercession of the Girl Valiant, a patroness all the more fitting as today is Liberation Day in France. It's also timely, given that she was canonized by Benedict XV.

What I find especially marvelous is St.Joan's visitation by St. Catherine of Alexandria, one of the saints I've taken for a patroness. So already my dearest Hayley and I have a spiritual connection.

And the priest who baptized her noted how confident she is, even at this young age. Already, the Maiden-at-arms is instilling her virtues! Sweet Hayley, may you grow in virtue and grace~

To quote Herself: " 'Daughter of God, go on, go on, go on! I will be your help. Go on!' When I hear this voice, I feel such great joy that I wish I could always hear it!"

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