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Colleen Carroll Campbell (C.C.C.) has a new article available under the What's New heading on her website. In it she dismisses the false claims of WYD's detractors. She also quotes the World Values Survey, which found that "Catholics in the 'millennial generation' — those born in 1982 or later — are gravitating to the traditional religious beliefs and practices of the generations born before World War II. Researchers in 58 countries found that these young Catholics are more likely than their elders to attend Mass, pray daily, consider religion important, and express confidence in the Church."

She goes on to say that "They are the young Catholics who cheered for Pope Benedict on Sunday as he exhorted them to reject a 'do-it-yourself' religion and 'seek communion in faith' that is rooted in the institutional Church. 'If we think and live according to our communion with Christ, then our eyes will be opened,' Pope Benedict told his audience. ' . . . [W]e will soon realize that it is much better to be useful and at the disposal of others than to be concerned only with the comforts that are offered to us. I know that you as young people have great aspirations, that you want to pledge yourselves to build a better world. Let others see this, let the world see it, since this is exactly the witness that the world expects from the disciples of Jesus Christ.' "


taters said...

Thanks for the news link. Btw, read ur recent meme post.. Wait patiently for God's call, whatever it is, I guess...

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