Respect Life Sunday

Deo Omnis Gloria has a Culture of Life Update to share with everyone who may have missed it this past weekend. It was not only the Lord's Day, but also the Feast of St.Therese of Lisieux, so there was alot going on, as the Catholic Carnival attests.

If you're looking for some really good reasons not to choose abortion, the folks at Feminists for Life would like to remind you that 51% of the world should be all the reason you need. Women deserve better than abortion! Pray that Mary will teach us to honor her daughters as we should. Pray that this silent holocaust will cease worldwide. Pray that our leaders in government will do more than pay lip-service to our inalienable rights, that partisans will do more than solicit our votes, that Catholics won't be afraid to speak the truth! Ask Mary to shower you with grace when confronting minds entrenched. Ask Mary to reveal herself to women confronting this choice. Ask Mary to enfold the countless victims in her Immaculate Heart.

May the Lord show us mercy~

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