It's interesting to note that the Synod of Bishops proposes for divorced and nonsacramentally- remarried couples precisely what Bishop Sheen claims is not only possible but tremendously beneficial to the sacrament of marriage, namely that such couples live as wedded virgins- or, as the exhortation phrases it, living 'as friends, as brother and sister':

"Finally, where the nullity of the marriage bond is not declared and objective circumstances make it impossible to cease cohabitation, the Church encourages these members of the faithful to commit themselves to living their relationship in fidelity to the demands of God's law, as friends, as brother and sister; in this way they will be able to return to the table of the Eucharist, taking care to observe the Church's established and approved practice in this regard. This path, if it is to be possible and fruitful, must be supported by pastors and by adequate ecclesial initiatives, nor can it ever involve the blessing of these relations, lest confusion arise among the faithful concerning the value of marriage."

And not only is it beneficial to the sacrament of marriage, but, as expressed by Joseph and Mary, it stands as the model of perfection! Think of it-- you could go from being the best example of what not to do in marriage to modeling the very zenith of the sacrament, simply by following the Pope's advice. Isn't that a happy thought?

Have I posted the Pope-as-eagle-in-flight photo yet? yes? well- it never hurts to post another:

What a prince we have in Benedict! Thank you, Jesus!

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