Buona Pasquetta

It's the day after Easter, known in Italy as "Little Easter" when they go out to the countryside for a picnic of leftover food from the day before. There's lots of eating on Easter, perhaps because there was so much fasting previously. Eating is a joyful activity, when we're all together.

It's nice to be together. This is why the Reformation was such a bummer. Why the Schism is so silly. We should all be sitting around banqueting. So that's my picture of heaven: All of us having a picnic in a sunny meadow with Jesus.

As my non-Catholic friend wrote me in an email today, "today is the day when all Christians reunite in the undisputable truth of the Resurrection. Today all the walls have fallen down, and we truly are one Universal Church of Jesus Christ, one body of believers."

We shouldn't build walls in meadows. We should be running freely through it finding wildflowers. Together.

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