In my rant below about Catechesis, I said, "Care for the Earth and economic equality seem like ancillary ambitions alongside protecting children from being murdered at an unprecedented rate in human history."

Thom Peters, the American Papist, here analyzes a Reuters article remarkably obtuse. Not only did they report erroneously, they did so with wanton attempt to skew the Pope's words. They took part of what he said and extrapolated the rest, not only to the detriment of his words but to the promotion of the opposite point!

Of course, we can only expect as much from the MSM, as I've noted on multiple occasions.

But what grabs my attention in Thom's analysis is his very succinct summation of the Pope's actual statements: "Concerns for the environment are a subcategory of our more fundamental concerns for man. Where man's interest and nature's interest conflict - man comes first. This is the essential qualifier that the media consistently ignores; and it is also what differentiates qualitatively Christian environmentalism and secular environmentalism."

Hear, hear!

It's a layer underneath the point I was making about anti-abortionism and environmentalism not being equivalent moral crusades. The creation of a just society necessarily means that all human rights are upheld in the law. Within such safeguards, concern for the wellbeing of others and the common good naturally flow among the Just.

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