Brought to you by the letter N

Comment and I will assign you a letter. List ten things you like that begin with the letter N:

Newborns-- so delicate and fragile...the closest to heaven you'll ever be in this lifetime.

Narnia Chronicles-- I read these so many times as a child and they still delight me.

Nail clippers-- I never leave home without 'em.

Nuclear disarmament-- read Pacem in Terris.

Night-- I've always been a night owl, and I love moonlit strolls with the fireflies.

Nestle Toll House Chocolate Morsels-- even the name excites me.

November 22-- the day my Beloved came into the world!

Narrative storytelling-- some people do this well- others...not so much.

Nebulae-- among the most spectacular sights in God's Creation.

Nosenuzzling-- it worked for Daniel Striped Tiger and it works for me.

thanks to Ames of the letter K.

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